Saturday, April 10, 2010

a very touching ending....

it's been a long time since ive said anythg here, n ive got yatie to thnk in making me realise its worth jotting down in here once in a while.... :D

well, life's made me busy and so it flows day by day...with the recent event around in UM, tht is of course, the last day of classes ever for all of the final year undergrad students...wheeeeeee!!!

so, in the lights of ths new development, i do have a lil more memories to be shared as usual on how i ended up my undergrad classes...

im not sure if i ever mentioned it here, whch im pretty sure i did, n whch most of my frens knew, tht i had a very hard time in my uni life...being in this uni taught me so many thngs tht i never thought i wud have to endure...most and foremost..being almost friendless :-|...classes, well, i wudnt say i wud gladly luk out for every other lecturers are damn smart, but smart minds do thnk out of the ordinary, hence, the followers are well..a bit off....we had a funny system in my department...tho i knw all of u wud die to be in my place, we dont have not a single tutorial class...(whch i blamed to be one of the reason y i ended up being almost friendless)...instead, i find it us, the students pasturing the lecturers to give us tutorial classes..believe me..huuuu...n the respond?(embrace urself) not quite frenly like i must say...most lecturers/teachers wud b glad tht their student shows a gr8 interest in their subject..but i had a lecturer whom once we asked for an extra class...and she merely said, "i will not come to class on saturday, coz if i do, sum1 has to pay me" MIND U!!!~

n so the days go by oh so slowly (heard tht before? :) )..n with us thnking tht we study just to get thru this phase of our life..n knowingly knw the lecturers taught us just so thy can pay their bills at the end of the month...

on the last day of my usual, the lecturers conclude their class with well wishes and tht sort..but this one lecturer...apparently..told us tht whtever he taught us was nothing more thn 'ikhlas'....n i was awestruck by tht just one word...i cn feel tht everythg he had given me, throughout the year came to me easily as i nvr had felt before.....

i guess...theres stil gud in the swarms of unkind people these days...n tht my fren, was hw i ended up my undergrad classes thoroughly 5 months ago...with flair i must add :) cz i nvr tot of how i wud end it better, even wout dinners with my fellow coursemates like ever1 did haha.. may god always bless him... :D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

romeo save me

yea..hw i wish he not gud at relationship stuff..obviously...but i thnk i had enuf of complicated relationships since forever?..why issit so difficult for me?and for every guy i just make thngs work for real?but instead..we r just hanging around til sumthng better comes..and whn it doesnt, d next thg we knw is running back to each other...why issit tht we need to keep running back and forth?because i dont convince u enuf tht i wnt u?because u dont convince me enuf tht u wnt me too......since theres to many thngs tht u wnt in life...y cnt u just make thngs straight for both our sakes?why cnt i make decision as well?

for sum reason,i feel we've been going thru a lot...i realised i frustrates u in so many i wsnt lying to u...u ought to knw the truth....and same goes for me....

for how long tht me n u wil keep this thg goin on?just because u dont wnt to be serious with anythg?

and for how long,everytime im over u,u keep on coming back?

i thnk i knw the answer...........

.......whn i am rly gone from u........

or simply

whn u r nt the one for me

Saturday, October 25, 2008

....i just lost my car....

how do i feel??suprisingly im rly calm...coz i sumhow have an instinct that its goin to get stolen sooner or later...things r goin to be difficult from now on without her... spent a year without her thru the sunny days and the rain............with the exam coming up.......its rly goon to be tough...i want my car back but i know thats always too much to ask....

i sumhow luk on the birghter rather lost my car then my whole pile of my lecture least i have that to thank about......

Thursday, October 23, 2008

moment of glory.....tapi...tak glory pun!!hahaha

date : 20-24th october 2008

venue : UM (wherelse)

description : tired like mad, amazing, too much?

highlight : performing on stage at dataran tunku canselor..definately something that will go in my diary (hey wey dis is my diary!hahahahahah) tapi i tak famous my frens are all so busy to scream my name whn im on stage ishhkk (hahhahaahhahahah =)) )

conclusion : i am so ready to get out of here once im done with my degree...i did gr8 things when im here.. and shall be missed

ps:- i'l post up our performance pics real out for it :p

Sunday, October 19, 2008

addicted to grace miriam's house

argghhhhhh i don't know why every weekend i must stop by and stay over at grace's house. its like i never get enuf of it..kesian grace and bija (grace's rum8)..i always 'kacau' them..i feel that every weekend im extremely lonely..i just want to be around frens..not to mention how homey the room feels....aaaaaaaaaaa why cant i just stick my butt at my own room?it's as if i don't have my own..i sux big time...

now that im back at my own room,i keep on thinking of going back there waaaaaaa!

anyway thx grace and bija for letting me stay at ur place ;) luv ya both!!

Friday, October 17, 2008


sorry it took me awhile to post this up and my last post..the main reason is because i want all my frens to read and commnt on my last post but sadly only 1 who did hhahaha nevermind..we own got out own fish to fry..anyhow,let me sum up what ive been through for the lat couple of days..

starting with thursday,im practically free on that day,with having only 3 classes with 3 and 2 hours gap each,usually i would drive back to my college and definately will take a nap (my bed is the ultimate most seduction) but on that day,i decided to stay around in fac and be a good girl do my lab report..after the noon class,me and my other 2 coursemates (arlyne and danial) went up to KPS to have lunch..(KPS is like the centre of UM)..when i first came in,i thought 'wey hey,tht guy luks like the guy who acted in this very famous series called 'ali din.what the hell is he doing here in um.nahh,couldnt be him..hahaha' so i carry on and buy my food while my 2 frens luk for a place to sit. 'ok,arlyne pick the table next to the potential ali din..hmmm nvermind,maybe i can check him out wheather or not he is the real ali din' hungarily,i eat up my food. once in awhile,i would glance on my right to check him out..'eh its rly him laaa!! waaaaaaaaaaa' too bad only i know him,arlyne and danial had no idea who he one point i glance again but this time,he was looking at me!!!i thought '$hittttttttttttt!!!!!' and he threw me a wide smileeeeeeeeee.......uhhhhhhhhhh soooooooooo sweeeetttttttt...i smiled back of course but there was food in my mouth!!!!!unhottttt!!!!!!!arrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!he is extremely tall about 6 feet craziieeeeee..after lunch,every 10 minutes i would brag about it over and over again hahahahahaah (typical me!)

yesterday, on the other hand is a funny story too. again, later on friday evening i have a seminar bound for all final years from my class ended at 12, the seminar is at i don't feel like going back either (again). there was EH magazine road show when i walk passed by. they gave out free mag so of course im grabbing one. i did not only grab one i grabbed 4! later that afternoon, right before my seminar started, the road show held a makeup session held by the famous Ayang Kamell (he is a proffesional make up artiste and had done a lot of celebrities make up including erra fazira,siti nurhaliza,etc..). he was looking for a volunteer with a clean face..lucky that day i did not put on any makeup so i could be his model that day. he made me up using only the finest makeup money could buy including Chanel and M.A.C. arrrghhhhh!!!i realllllyyyyyyyyyy extremely likeee the make up he did for me!!!and i so wish that yesterday i have somewhere to go,so it is so worth showing off a great makeover..unfortunately i don't... :( anyway, i was my luck keep on getting sooo good when the camera man keep on flashing at me (hahaha perasan celebrity for a second) i will be featured in the next issue of EH and MYC (malaysian college mag that can be gotten free throughout all campuses in malaysia and mcd). but to me the highlight of the day is that i made frens with Ayang time,for my graduation or any other important occasion im so gonna called him up and do me up well! :D

well that was the highlight for my last 2 days..after falling extremely sick on tuesday night,i deserve all on the other hand,i can foresee that im goin to have a really laid back day with my preparation for 3 lab reports,3 test,1 presentation and 1 performance next week. to my suprise,im not stress at all. im actually very excited!

until next time peeps!luvs~

Monday, October 13, 2008

interesting visit to the clinic

earlier on, i went up to UM students clinic coz i suspected that im having slight food poisoning for the past 4 know how is it when you experienced slight food poisoning?it's like your position is so in the dont actually have diarrhea and you don't vormit either but you feel nausea like mad!!it kinda make me lose my appetite :( sux big time eh (at first i thought its because im so emo that im having gastric ahaha!turns out i was wrong coz gastric meds dont work on me)

anyhow,that's not the whole point. i was reading today's paper (news straits time to be specific) and waiting for my turn to be called up by the 'modern bomoh'. one article caught my eye, it's the gadgets section. i've never been a fan of gadgets, called me old fashioned, but i hate technologies most of the time..haha. the thing that caught my eye is what they call 'THE PORTABLE LIE DETECTOR'...fuhhhh!!i read it with full concentration!!i hate lies!if i have that gadget no one would ever dare to lie to me again that is so cool rite?!?!if i smell something fishy, i can jus ask that person anything i want and the gadget will tell it all so i don't have to wonder around if that person is telling the truth hahahahahaha niceeee!im amazed of how they come up with this kinda things and make it happen!

it works like this, when you ar telling the truth, an image of an apple will appear. when you are telling a lie, an image of a devil with horns and long nose will popped up like a pop corn!hahahaha all you need to do is just asking 3 simple question of yes and no and you are good to go :D's just for fun!so you can't realy rely on that gadget to ask your boyfriend/girlfriend which house did they sleep in last nite *bummer* uhuhuhu wouldn't it be great if they could be dependable on such matters haihhhsssss
so don't get your hopes too high up!